Scotland's Stained Glass, Making the Colours Sing,
by Michael Donnelly
first published 1997 by The Stationery Office
ISBN 0 11 495793 2

Scotland has a wealth of stained glass in house, church and hall that is the equal of any in the world. This volume charts the history of that glass and its creators, from the earliest medieval fragments which survived the aftermath of the Reformation, through to the glorious explosion in decorative style that marked the turn of the twentieth century.

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Glasgow Stained Glass, A Preliminary Study,
by Michael Donnelly
first published 1981 by Glasgow Museums
ISBN 0 902752 12X

Published in conjunction with an award-winning exhibition at Glasgow's People's Palace in 1981, this booklet is a beautiful study of Glasgow's unique heritage of 19th century stained glass. Includes work by Daniel Cottier, Stephen Adam and Oscar Paterson amongst others.

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List of publications:

Glasgow Stained Glass, A Preliminary Study (Glasgow Museums, 1981)
'Glasgow's Glorious Glass' in Scottish Victorian Interiors (Mowbray House Press, 1988)
Glasgow Stained Glass in History Today, May 1990 (article plus cover feature)
People's Pictures - the story of tiles in Glasgow (Glasgow Museums, 1991)
Scotland's Stained Glass - Making the Colours Sing (Stationery Office, 1997)
Guide to the stained glass in St. John's Church, Perth (1998)
The Stained Glass of Paisley Abbey (2000 - in John Malden's book on the history of Paisley Abbey)
The Stained Glass of New Kilpatrick Parish Church (completed 2002, awaiting publication)